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Click Here to Get Hired Now: Top GCC Firms Seeking Candidates

Middle East : 01 November 2013

Source: Emirates 24|7

Here is a selection of top companies from across the region that are hiring right now. Know them better, and take your pick:

Oil & Gas sector is one of the most lucrative ones in the region and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation ( Sabic ) is ranked among the world’s largest petrochemicals manufacturers.

“We seek the best and the brightest employees throughout the world to become part of our vision,” says the company.

“Sabic is a highly successful, rapidly expanding global manufacturer of chemicals, fertilizers, metals and plastics. We are as ambitious as you are and we have the track record to match. That is why this is the perfect time to build our futures together. Our comprehensive training and development programs are among the best in the petrochemical industry. Our pay and reward packages are always competitive and we offer you career opportunities in a diversity of disciplines and locations worldwide,” it adds further.
Saudi Electricity Company

Saudi Electricity Co. (Seco) is engaged in generating and distributing electricity power supply in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is expanding in a big way.
The company plans to spend $80 billion over the next 10 years to meet Saudi Arabia’s rising demand for electricity, and is seeking to hire the right people for its increasing workload.

Not much information is available on Seco salaries, but former employees on blogs say technical expertise and monetary benefits are an advantage. Work life balance is also good and late sittings are only rare, as they describe it.

Riyad Bank

This Saudi-based bank is also hiring. “At Riyad Bank , salaries and benefits are structured and scaled in such a way as to offer the most benefits and opportunities to its employees. Our salary scheme provides a fair distribution of benefits among all our employees.

“It encourages them to increase their efforts and productivity. It improves their performance and boosts their morale. The benefits we offer are competitive with regard to what other local banks offer. Among the salary and benefit schemes offered by large companies and banks in the Kingdom, Riyad Bank ’s scheme is considered to be one of the most modern. It was designed to be very flexible and to provide for objective evaluation of any position on the basis of its contributions to the overall objectives of the bank,” says the bank.

The bank promises to offer “tempting salaries”, annual housing allowance equal to three months basic salary, monthly transport allowance, annual bonus paid in accordance with bank policies and procedures, incentives in cash and kind granted employees on the basis of their performance and their achieving pre-set individual and collective goals.

For Saudi staff, a Housing Loan scheme with special, lenient terms for buying or building a house is available. An efficient savings scheme characterized by high returns, in which both the employees and the bank participates can also be availed of. Medical treatment is provided and allowances and increments for certain positions of a special nature are given together with social and sport activities for the staff.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has grown to become a prestigious regional airline. It flies to over 120 destinations worldwide and was voted Airline of the Year 2011 and in 2012 in the Skytrax industry audit.

The airline is looking to hire across various departments like flight operations, reservations and ticketing, airport services, TS controller, cabin crew, finance and many others.

A former employee who worked at the airline says: “fast promotion/good salary/excellent layovers and good colleagues,” are the pros that one should consider.

Website states that the salary of cabin crew members at Qatar Airways consists of three parts which is (a) basic, (b) flying per hour pay and (c) overseas night stop/layover allowance. The rates quoted below are as of 2010.

Basic – QR cabin crew pay scales are based on monthly basic salary as shown below:

AB INITIO: AB initio trainee QR3600 ($986).

F2: On completion of the training, 2 observer flights and still within 6 months of flight duties QR3600 ($986)

F2: On completion of 6 months of independent flight duties after training period and observation flights (economy class) QR4000 ($1,096)

Subsequent salary increments are based on performance and merit.

Flying per hour – all cabin crew (after AB-initio training) receive an hourly flying pay (HFP), which is grade dependent. This is each hour of productive commercial flying duty.

For F2 Flying pay is QR45 ($12.35) per hour and is computed on the number of hours operated (chocks off to chocks on). Cabin crew has an average of 90-100 flying hours per month throughout the year.

Layover Allowance – QX Layover Allowance is dependent on the country and the time of arrival and departure from the city.

Qatar Airways offers similar benefits as other airlines like fully furnished, shared accommodation with private bedroom. Welcome bonus and three-year, open-ended contract, meal allowances while on duty, transport while on duty, comprehensive medical insurance, life insurance and travel benefits on Qatar Airways and partner airlines.

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