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British Couple Accused of Breaking UAE Decency Law

Middle East : 15 March 2010

An Emirati woman gave evidence in court that while she was visiting a restaurant with her children, she saw a couple kissing each other on the mouth intimately and that they then proceeded to touch each other inappropriately. The witness further claimed that there were many people in the restaurant that also witnessed this scene.

It was further entered into evidence that the couple in question had been drinking alcohol and a blood sample taken from them after the incident confirmed that they had 22mg/dl of alcohol in their blood.

The couple refuted the kissing charge and maintained they were merely greeting each other with a kiss on each cheek and that they were not kissing or acting in the manner suggested. The woman extended her right finger towards her cheek in court to indicate what the kiss had been like and the man of the accused couple re-iterated his girlfriend’s testimony.

It was revealed in court that the witness had in fact given contradictory statements about what she had seen occur on two different occasions and that where originally she maintained she saw saw the couple kissing intimately she later retracted that statement and admitted that it was actually her children who had witnessed this alleged incident

The couple in this case has already been convicted by the Dubai Misdemeanors court and were sentenced to one month in jail after which they were to be deported back to the UK. They were also fined Dh1000 each for drinking alcohol. The judge in this case agreed to allowing them bail and adjourned the case until April 4.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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