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Batelco Opts for ISDN to Replace Aging Technology

Bahrain : 05 October 2010

Bahrain’s foremost telecom services, Batelco, is set to replace the current DDI service (Direct Dial In) with the more contemporary ISDN service (Integrated Services Digital Network).

The newer ISDN service provides all of the features offered by DDI, while adding a host of more sophisticated features that modern businesses demand, according to a recent Batelco statement.

DDI was an available feature of Batelco’s PBX (or Private Business Exchange).  The phasing out process for DDI started on October 1.

General Manager for Media Relations, Ahmed Al Janahi, stated that these changes are to be expected in the telecommunications industry and are in line with Batelco’s commitment to keep up with the latest technology and deliver the communications network that the public demands.

Batelco has gotten in touch with those using their DDI service in an effort to find the best solution for each customer’s unique needs.  This has been happening since the beginning of this year.

Al Jahani stated that Batelco has a mandate as the leading telecom service provider to offer the latest in technological advances to their customers, ensuring they are taking advantage of integrated communications that are world class.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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