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Latest Banking News

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National Bank in Qatar Launches its Mobile Service

Qatar : 19 April

If you are having trouble accessing your bank during your busy day then fear no more as Qatar National Bank feel they have the answer to your dilemma. They are leading the way by being the first in Qatar to offer its customers the facility of performing transactions with their bank by using the eazymobile on Blackberry service.

This new innovation is an extension of their existing service i.e. their eazylife suite of electronic banking services and the Qatar National Bank are hoping this will increase customer satisfaction and free up more time for them to be partaking of other activities.

They have extensively researched this new product to ensure that the process will be as user friendly and as efficient as possible. The bank sincerely hope that this will be a service that everybody will be easily able to use and they have gone to great lengths to ensure that the security and discretion required has been adhered to by putting very strong security safe guards in place.

Customers will now be able to view their account details, credit card transactions and account activity at the touch of a button. They will also be able to view summary statements and check how much credit they have remaining on their credit cards. Other features include the option of transferring funds between Qatar National Bank accounts and they will even be able to pay Kahrama and Qtel utility bills. For information on many other features available you can call into any branch of the bank and they will be more than happy to guide you through all of the features currently available on the new system.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
19 April

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Welcomes New Managing Director

On Wednesday last it was revealed that a distinguished member of Abu Dhabi’s first family has been appointed to the position of Managing Director for the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. This organization more commonly known as Adia is considered to be one of the wealthiest sovereign funds in the world at present.
Sheikh Hamid bin Zayed [...]

19 April

Gulf Region has Financial Reserves to Weather Global Recession Fallout

An in depth analysis just released by Oxford Analytica has calculated that all of the Gulf States have adequate Financial Reserves to easily weather the current financial uncertainty due to the global financial outlook and further uncertainty caused by the fallout from Dubai World. While they may have had financial set-backs during the recession they [...]

16 April

Banks in Gulf Highest Lenders for February

The Gulf Banking statistics for February show that Qatari Banks had the highest lending growth rate for February. While lending is increasing it is still at a cautiously slow rate according to comments in a Sico Report.
However the main banks in the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi and Qatar did all show an increase for February and [...]

16 April

Are you ready for your Golden Years?

Many surveys most notably one released in late 2009 have stated that many UAE residents have not thought about how they will manage when they retire. This is particularly true for many expatriates who according to the report seem to be just hoping that the money they save during their working years will be enough [...]

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