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Bahrain Shifts Focus to Emerging Job Sectors

Manama, Bahrain : 07 June 2010

Dr Nazar Al Bahama, Chairman of Tamkeen and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in Bahrain, has said the government will channel its efforts towards emerging sectors of the economy as the financial market does not require much ‘support’.

The Minister spoke of ‘opportunity’ in the hospitality and information technology sectors which he said need ‘further development.’

He added that the Kingdom needed to address the problem of attracting the local workforce into private sector jobs whilst also encouraging businesses to hire more local people.

Mr Al Bahama noted the contribution of small or medium size businesses to Bahrain’s economy, suggesting they should be the main focus of government policy as they make up 97% of Bahraini businesses.

Sarah O'Connell, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market
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