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Average Monthly Income of Qatari Household Soars

Middle East : 11 January 2013

Source: The Peninsula 2013

DOHA: The average monthly income of Qatari households has jumped many times over in the past several years, thanks to massive gas-fuelled wealth generation in the country.

A vast majority of Qatari families (66 percent) had an average income of QR30,000 ($8,219) a month in 2007. That worked out to close to a $100,000 a year. Given the current value of money the figure would be higher in today’s terms.

And, the average monthly income of the head of the family in more than a quarter (27 percent) Qatari homes was an incredible QR50,000 ($13,698), or $165,000 a year.

As for the entire Qatari population (99 percent), the average monthly earnings of households were more than QR10,000 ($2,740), or roughly $33,000 annually, (in 2007).
An idea of how the community’s fortunes have turned in the past 11 years can be had from the fact that in 2001, the average monthly income of over 21 percent Qatari homes was between QR5,000 and QR10,000.

The above details were released yesterday as part of Qatar’s Millennium Development Goals report for 2012.

Disparities in income distribution nevertheless remain in the Qatari community. The share of the poorest one-fifth of the population is about four percent in national consumption.

Contrast this to the share of the richer one-fifth (of the population) which was more than six times, to 25 percent.

The report, talking of the huge expatriate population, said that given the nature of the population composition of the country and the presence of large numbers of foreign workers, the differences in the distribution of income was primarily affected by the limited income of most categories of unskilled non-Qatari workers.

The welfare dependency ratio in the state that amounted to 17.4 percent in 2011, was one of the lowest in the world, said the report.

Talking of nutrition, the report said that in 2007, an average Qatari household spent QR4, 583 ($1,255) on food a month alone, which was 11 percent of their total monthly expenditure.

Interestingly, a family on average consumed 36kg of fresh meat, 36.6kg of poultry, 23kg of fresh fish, 25 litres of fresh milk, 150 eggs, 84.3kg of fresh fruits and 60kg of fresh green vegetables, in a month. Compared to 2001, the intake of fish and milk by these families had increased.

The report, however, didn’t say an average Qatari household consisted of how many members.

“This kind of expenditure (on food) ensures a complete and nutritious diet for Qatari households and meets their needs for calories,” said the report.

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