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Aramco Starts Production of Gas

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia : 23 February 2010

State oil company Saudi Aramco has started production from the developed Hawiyah and Juaymah gas plants, sources said.

Saudi Arabia’s gas demand is increasing by 7 per cent per annum because petro dollars increase economic growth. After completing a crude expansion project last year to boost up output capacity to 12.5 million barrels per day, Aramco is now concentrating on meeting domestic demand of gas.

An Aramco executive said that Aramco intends to boost gas supplies by 30 per cent to 8 billion cubic feet per day (cfd) in five years. It is also planning to raise its non-associated gas processing capacity to 9 billion cubic feet per day (cfd) by 2015, from existing 6.2 billion cfd.

Aramco is increasing production capacity at Juaymah roughly by 50 per cent to manage increased volumes of natural gas liquids (NGLs), petrochemical feedstock ethane and light oils that are produced when gas is extracted. A source said that the projects have been finalized; mechanical work has already been completed.

The growth at Juaymah will augment 260,000 barrels per day (bpd) of additional splitting capacity to the gas plant, raising the capacity to 815,000 bpd. The increased ethane and NGL output will be achieved from the expansion gas plants at Khursaniyah and Hawiyah. The plant at Hawiyah will treat an additional 800 million cfd of non-associated gas, increasing the plant’s capacity to 2.4 billion cfd.

Aramco began operation of the Khursaniyah gas plant last month which would treat 1 billion cfd of gas as compared to 500,000 barrels per day at present.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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