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Arab Telecoms Agree to Construct Powerful Cable Network

Middle East : 21 July 2010

Telecom companies from across the region have agreed to construct and maintain an expansive terrestrial cable network connecting the Arab world of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and the UAE with mainland Europe.

Six telcos including Jordan Telecom, Syrian Telecom, Mobily of Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s Etisalat, as well as a union of Mada and Zain Jordan, have banded together to create the multi-terrabit, 4,000 km.  Called the Regional Cable Network, it also has the backing and involvement of a variety of anonymous European nations.

The project, a first for “terabit terrestrial” cables joining Europe to the Middle East, is being implemented partly to present more capacity for the increasing broadband demand, says the chairman of Etisalat Mohammad Omran.

Mr. Omran noted the group’s eagerness to service those demands and the needs of this industry as evidenced by the new cable system initiative.

This news follows the live launch of the Jadi Link in June, a distinct terrestrial cable system using fiber optics and running between the Middle East, the Far East and South Asia.  Four local, successful telecom industry leaders: Saudi Telecom, Syria Telecom, Jordan Telecom and Turk Telecom; joined together to head up this project.  It should be up to its full capabilities by Q3, as reported by a representative for Turk Telecom.

Besides providing current operations within the region a larger capacity for the rising broadband use, this innovative system is the answer to recent issues involving cable networks built undersea.  The Sea-Me-We 4 submarine cable system was a major factor in April’s internet service disruption across the Gulf.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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