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Apple ipad a big hit in the US

Middle East : 03 April 2010

Apple will launch their new phone today and already it is predicted to outsell any other portable computing device that has come before it. The few who have already tested the new Apple Ipad are very excited at the potential and features of this new device.

The Wall Street Journal stated that this new device has the potential of changing the portable computer completely and may even replace the laptop to a large extent. It is being described as being a combination of the smartphone and the laptop.

The Ipad can perform all the usual functions expected such as emailing, games, you can also upload and read e-books but apparently this is just the beginning as this new device can do much more than this.

With this touch screen device you will also be able to watch videos, play music and then there is the added bonus of being able to run almost 150,000 applications on it which is almost as many applications that were made in total for the iPod Touch and the iPhone combined. The ipad will be available in the US from Saturday. It is estimated that it will cost between $500 and $829

Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger said that Walt Disney has created an iPad version of its main website and has guaranteed that applications will be available for viewing on line. They also said they are excited about the iPad as it will provide lots of great new content for viewing on-line.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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