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Abu Dhabi Launches Seed Fund for Arabic Apps

Abu Dhabi, UAE : 01 June 2010

Twofour54 ibtikar, Abu Dhabi media zone’s creative business arm, announced today that they are launching a seed fund, called ‘AppsArabia,’ in order to create Arabic Apps for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Apps have been an outstanding success, with an excess of 4 billion downloaded since their launch.  It is not yet known how many exist in Arabic, but the majority are not made within the region.

The fund, which has an initial focus on Apple products, will eventually create comparable software for Android, Nokia and Blackberry.

Tony Orsten, Twofour54’s Chief Executive, said that AppsArabia was intended to ‘stimulate’ the creation of Arabic content in Apps and encouraged individuals to come forward with ideas saying that if they were ’good enough’ then there was potential to reach a world market.  And even if that fails, then creators can still ‘make money quickly,’ according to Orsten - and sometimes in only ‘a few weeks’.

And with the current global market for the development of Apps now estimated at $6.2 billion, he’s probably not wrong either.

Sarah O'Connell, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market
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