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A Massive Pool of Workers Needed to Prepare for 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Qatar : 22 February 2011

Qatar is planning for the construction of mega-infrastructures to be completed by the 2022 Football World Cup and Bangladesh is forecasting a vast amount of opportunities for labourers there.

There will be 12 stadiums built for the tournament and five-star hotels developed. Begum Shamsunnahar, serving as joint secretary in the ministry of overseas employment for Bangladesh, noted that these projects will need lakhs of labourers and she sees plenty of employment opportunities for those in her nation.

Shamsunnahar met formally in Doha with officials from Qatar’s ministry of labour and noted that the nation is doing the legwork now to be ready for the beginning of construction in one year.

She spoke to the Daily Star and stated that Bangladesh offers workers in nearly all categories, from the semi-skilled and skilled of the construction sector to professionals who can support these projects.

Officials from Qatar stated the need for a massive pool of labourers, but commented that those who intend to apply need to have decent orientation regarding the culture and laws of this oil rich Middle Eastern nation.

Shamsunnahar stated that there are about 1.5 lakh Bangladeshi working in Qatar currently and noted that the nation is a good labour market due to the better standards of employment.

Qatari officials have not yet specified the amount of foreign workers that will be hired for these mega-infrastructure projects.

The Bangladeshi embassy’s first secretary Maqsudur Rahman stated that the authorities in Qatar haven’t yet revealed all of the planning for these mega-projects. He noted that once the authorities open up with this information, the Bangladeshis will work to tap the scope.

Comments from recruitment agencies state that although there are many job openings in Qatar, the mission from Bangladesh has not been particularly effective when dealing with issues involving labour.

One recruitment agent stated that the Bangladeshi mission should be finding out the details of the workforce needed and which categories are required. That is how the recruiters will negotiate with the businesses.

Ali Haider Chowdhury of BAIRA (or the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies) stated that the Qatari government must come to an understanding with the private sector and get started on joint efforts to make the most of the opportunity.

Chowdbury, who is the secretary general of BAIRA, said that his organization needs to interact with businesses that may be involved in construction of the infrastructure. He also noted that the interaction needs to be facilitated by the government. Chowdhury stated that the competition will certainly not be idle.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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