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550,000 Homes and 770,000 Job Openings Planned For Riyadh

Saudi Arabia : 30 April 2011

Authorities in Riyadh have been presented with plans to open up 770,000 positions for Saudi Arabians in the next two decades, as well as plans for the construction of 550,000 homes by mid-May 2029.

Riyadh Region’s Emir Salman Bin Abdul Aziz chaired the meeting that reviewed the strategic plans for Riyadh at the headquarters for Development Authority of Arriyadh. The Prince is also chairman for the Authority. This occurred in the joint meeting between the Higher Executive Committee in charge of Projects & Planning and the Authority.

The plans outline the completion of 65% of the related policies, as well as 75% of the projects and related programs. This includes the creation of jobs and the construction of houses. The development of a system of drainage for sanitation and a network of floodwaters where none exist is also in the plans.

Acting chairman for the Center of Projects & Planning within the authority, Ibrahim Bin Muhammad Al-Sultan, noted that 75% of the plans, programs and projects included within the strategy are complete and the remaining 25% are in various stages of completion. He added that the beginning stages at the King Abdullah Financial Center involve decisions that take priority within the sector for urban development. Other priorities include the approval for the structural plans involving development within eastern and northern Riyadh. Important developments just beginning include programs within the Al-Dera’iah Historical Area, as well as plans within the city center of Riyadh for 15 centers of administration, 35 open areas within the municipality, and another 15 courtyards within the one hundred municipal courtyards including in the city plans. Projects laid out for ministries and municipal services, as well as institutions within the government, are also being executed. Construction on over 180kms of subsidiary and express roadways took place within the first five-year plan, as well as the second – including 1422 to 1427 H and 1428 and 1432 H, according to Al-Sultan.

The authority is also putting an environmental protection plan into action. This involves 48 projects and programs, including 80kms of eco rehabilitation within Wadi Hanifa and the set up of 100 tents to begin the initial stages of the Al-Thumamah recreation desert area. Also three different reserves have been approved for the Wadi Hanifa area, upstream of the Liban Wadi, in the Al-Haisiyah Valley Reserve and in the southern area of Hayer Reserve.

The utilities industry is also seeing action, with strategic water plans beginning. Construction of a desalination plant is beginning in Ras Al-Zor, as well as a pipeline to Riyadh. Projects that involve the expansion of capacity in the Al-Buwaib, Nissah and Salboukh field are also included, along with the implementation of networks for water distribution totaling 12,000kms covering all of the developed sectors in the city and a tactical drainage plant for sanitation including 5,000kms of pipelines, as reported by the chairman.

Work has begun at the IT and communications complex, targeting the economic sector. Also, the projects in Riyadh Techno Valley, as well as those at several commercial, housing and library developments scattered through the city to cover a 327 km2 area and Riyadh’s industrial estates totaling 23 km2 in total area, are under way.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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