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50 Million More Jobs to be Created in Arab Region Thanks to Innovation

Abu Dhabi : 17 January 2011

Speaker to urge further government promotion of innovations during the second forum for innovation in Abu Dhabi.

An important component within the development of the economy, innovation is set to create more than 50 million positions in the Arab region over the next two decades. Director of Jordan’s iPark Technology Incubator, Dr. Wissam Rabadi is speaking at the 2nd Abu Dhabi Innovation Forum and states that actual job creation is due to dynamic and innovative SMEs. Held at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahar on January 24th and 25th of this year, the University of Abu Dhabi (or ADU) is presenting the forum along with the Khalifa Fund which focuses on the development of enterprise.

Dr. Rabadi stated that iPark has seen the start up of 38 ICTs in the last seven years, which has created about 1400 positions to date. In the experience of his organization, SMEs are instrumental for the creation of jobs in the Middle East and the director noted that in order to continue this pattern, entrepreneurship and innovation needs to be highlighted within the Arab region.

Economies across the globe are getting more competitive and according to Rabadi, innovations are what ensure the survival of a company. Differentiating from competitive organizations should be done in order to avoid being behind in the industry.

Even though more attention has been paid to innovations recently, the regional governments and various organizations still need to be doing more, incorporating innovation into company policy and the processes of decision making.

If the GCC region is to attain a diversified economy and flourish, as well as for regions around the Middle East to do the same, innovation needs to find itself within the core of the government’s policies of economic development which will require a deliberate political decision to do so. Rabadi noted that innovation should be an eminent component of government actions, as well as those of schools and both private and public entities.

A case study involving the El Hassan Science City of the iPark Technology Incubator will be presented during Rabadi’s speech at the Forum, looking at the ways that technology incubators may be able to push ahead developments of innovative business climates with the Middle East. Aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs present ideas for innovation to the iPark, which then offers logistical, technical and operational support as well as infrastructure, networking, advice on business and strategic direction to start-ups.

Aim Events, an ADU group in charge of events management, is organizing the 2nd Abu Dhabi Innovation Forum. The Forum is included within Innovation Week from January 24 to 26 along with the Abu Dhabi Innovations Awards and the Innovators Fair.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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