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$5.5bn Gas Fields Contracts Signed by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Abu Dhabi : 03 May 2010

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company has just awarded contracts worth in excess of $65.5 billion to three major companies for the processing of gas and the recovery of sulfur from gas fields in Abu Dhabi.

It has also been confirmed that Samsung Engineering Company and Saipem have been awarded contracts which are believed to be worth $5 billion.

The contracts awarded to Saipem are believed to be for almost $1.5 billion and will include recovering sulfur and they have been awarded more than $195 million for gas and sulfur pipelines. Samsung are then contracted to build the buildings and utility works that will be required for the project.

Tecnicas Reunidas and Punj Lloyd Group won a $463 million contract for gas gathering.

Abu Dhabi is also going ahead with a sour gas project even though the initial investor pulled out earlier this week. The Abu Dhabi region need this project which is based at Shah if they are to meet their projected domestic power needs over the coming years.

The development of this field in Abu Dhabi will cost in the region of $10 billion it has been reported and this will be for the processing of nearly 30 million cubic meters of gas per day. This gas is called sour gas which is natural gas that is composed of high levels of hydrogen sulfide so the gas and the sulfur need to be separated during processing.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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