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36,000 New Jobs to be Created in Government Departments

Middle East : 05 October 2012

Source: Muscat Daily

The Council of Ministers has issued a statement on Tuesday based on its meetings during August and September.

“The government is currently making efforts in response to the Royal Directives in accordance with the interest taken by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for development in the country.

During August and September, the Council of Ministers discussed a number of service and development issues and took appropriate decisions in this regard,” said the statement.

The Council of Ministers reviewed procedures for implementing the Royal Instructions of His Majesty the Sultan on absorbing citizens in the public and private sectors. Based on this, 36,000 new jobs will be made available in government departments (civil and military).

The Council has delegated the authorities with the task of initiating a project to train and select trainees, with the announcement of 20,000 jobs to be made available in the private sector.

The Council of Ministers has established a work team dedicated to the Sultan Qaboos Award for Human Resources Development. The team will be in charge of developing an integrated system for the award, to encourage the private and public sectors to invest in human resources development.

To follow up on its decisions regarding those displaced and affected by the expansion of Sohar Industrial Port, the Council has reviewed the situation and urged the authorities to expedite the process of shifting them to alternate locations and residential complexes.

The Council has asked various departments to expedite studies to ensure that the projects in Sohar Port comply with international environmental requirements and specifications.

To limit the possible hazards from implementing development projects in the sultanate, the Council of Ministers has approved the national policy for the evaluation of health and environmental impacts on society for major development projects prior to implementation. The Council agreed that the authorities will develop guidelines for setting up the projects, e-services and identifying the legal framework for setting up a one-window station that will issue project licences.

Due to the importance of the industrial sector and to increase the contribution of this sector towards the GDP, develop industrial exports of Omani origin, and

Provide more job opportunities, the Council of Ministers viewed the executive stance for a study on revising and updating the future industrial strategy of Oman.

The Council concluded that it is important for the Supreme Council for Planning to regularise and follow up the implementation of this strategy.

The Council granted its approval to the appointment of an international specialist to revise the Omani Labour Law to keep pace with developments and requirements of the labour market.

It reviewed the initial estimates for the draft budget of the state for the fiscal year 2013. The Council will review the items of the budget submitted to it before referring it to the Council of Oman.

To enhance the close links between the heritage, monuments and tourism sector, the Council of Ministers has approved the establishment of a national committee to be chaired by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

As part of the government’s interest in developing education to keep pace with modern developments, the Council of Ministers watched a visual presentation by Ministry of Education specialists. It covered efforts made to promote standards at the school level and other aspects of the education process.

The Council also reviewed a report on the status of school education and how to develop it to build a generation capable of shouldering its responsibilities.

The Council approved an annual exhibition for craftsmen and SMEs under the theme ‘craft innovations’. This is part of efforts made to develop, promote and market the products of these sectors so that their products meet the needs of the market and consumers.

The Council of Ministers approved the purchase of live transmission rights for the Asian Games 2013-16, in addition to the fourth stage of the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

It also approved an awareness campaign that will be undertaken by the National Human Rights Commission from September-December 2012.

The Council approved revision of anti-drugs and psychotropic substance laws.

A new draft law for the laws practiced in the sultanate was also approved. This will be done by a committee with the participation of the Omani Lawyers Association.

The Council of Ministers approved organisation of several regional and international conferences and exhibitions.

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