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15 years in Jail in Dubai for Briton, Mark Arnold

Dubai, UAE : 07 June 2010

Mark Arnold, a 43 year old British man was today convicted in Dubai of murdering Kelly Winter, his ex-girlfriend. Arnold was handed down 15 years in a Dubai jail for the crime.

Arnold has always denied beating Ms Winter to death, who’s body has never been recovered, despite the prosecution asserting he weighted her body down and disposed of it at sea.

Whilst Arnold admits that on August 20th 2008 they argued over money, he claimed he was unaware what happened to her subsequently. Kelly Winters’ friend, Jo Brown, last spoke to Ms Winters on the same night, when Ms Winters told her that Arnold had followed her to a hotel. Two days later Arnold flew back to the UK, returning to the UAE 3 days later, where he was arrested.

Mark Arnold continues to protest his innocence, claiming that he was incarcerated for 12 months purely “on suspicion.” Clive Stafford Smith of Reprieve has voiced deep concerns about the conviction, in light of the absence of a body, as well as Arnolds confession, used to secure the conviction, which Stafford Smith says was forced and in Arabic.

The UK Foreign Office that provides consular support for UK expats who live and work in the UAE has said it will continue to provide support.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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