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15 Percent of Private Sector Jobs Need to be Filled by Emiratis

UAE : 06 December 2010

Yesterday the Labour Minister in the UAE announced amendments to the legalities of hiring Emirati nationals, stating that at a minimum 15 percent of labour positions throughout the private sector need to be reserved for Emiratis.

Minister Saqr Ghobash has put a group of directives together that will see three categories of firms created, based on the labour law and standards compliance levels within the business, the payment timing of salaries and the firm’s approach to diversification within the workforce.

Ghobash stated that the ministry’s aim is to form a balanced environment of employment within the UAE that stimulates the economy and boosts productivity.

Both legally and ethically, the ministry’s mandate drives the government to consider and implement mechanisms that incorporate the commitment and focus of the political leaders, which is to create a stable, safe environment for all residents where their rights are protected.

This new Emiratisation system replaces a 2005 policy with a similar structure.  In that system the different sectors had different requirements regarding the percentage of Emiratis that were employed at the firm.

The minister noted that the past system was concerned with the mix of cultural diversification within businesses, while the new system will allow a business to climb through the classification levels attaining rewards that recognize their commitment to Emiratisation and other standards such as wage levels and housing.

Businesses that do not follow this newest Emiratisation policy or violate other ministry rules will face fines between Dh 15,000 and Dh 20,000 for each offence.

Under the new regulations, there needs to be at least 20 percent skilled employees within a given workforce.

Minimum wages for skilled employees are tiered over the different classifications, and stand at a monthly rate of Dh 5,000, Dh 7,000 and Dh 12,000.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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