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1200 Job Opportunities Created in Bahrain Through New Fibreglass Facility

Bahrain : 06 August 2010

The rising manufacturing segment of Bahrain is witnessing another jump as 1,200 new jobs are created.

A fibreglass plant being built at the Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP) is the source of these jobs.  The $200 million (BD75.6 million) facility is at the Salman Industrial City near Hidd.

This new initiative is thanks to both the Chinese Congqing Polycomp International Corporation (CPIC) and S&A Abahsain Company out of Saudi Arabia.

CPIC is among the larger Chinese fiberglass manufacturers.  Operating since 1991, CPIC produces 420,000 tonnes of fiberglass per year out of 10 operations throughout three Chinese locations.

CPIC has 5,000 employees.

S&A Abahsain originated in Al Khobar in 1947 and is known to be among the top 50 businesses in Saudi Arabia.

The Bahrain plant will bring between 1,000 and 1,200 jobs to the area.

There was a meeting between Wu Ming, chairman of CPIC, Abdullah Abahsain and Khawaja Maqsood, both officials of S&A Abahsain, and Dr. Hassan Fakhro, Industry and Commerce Minister, to finalize the deal.

Dr. Fakhro noted that CPIC exports to places such as Japan, Europe, Korea, the US and the Middle East currently total over 45 per cent of their output.  Product from the new plant in Bahrain is expected to support those exports and take care of new orders internationally.

Mr. Ming stated that Bahrain enjoys advantages both geographically and from an investment stand point.

This joint venture puts CPIC even closer to their markets and allows them to provide increased services from Bahrain, according to Mr. Ming.

The Chairman also noted that the construction of the plant will be a boost to the local economy.

Mr. Maqsood of S&A Abahsain credited their firm’s positive experiences with Bahrain in the past as an attraction, as well as the specific features of the BIIP.

He commented that there is a distinct support evident in Bahrain’s business environment, including assistance by government in hurdling impediments and reaching goals.

The Ministry issued a statement announcing that more than 75 per cent of the BIIP land was now allocated to 75 manufacturing or globally-traded services firms based both internationally and in Bahrain.  The local companies are all export oriented.

It was reported that those figures will increase soon as approximately 80 firms occupy about 90 per cent of the BIIP, mainly large international manufacturers.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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